Thursday, February 3, 2011

Crushing on: Harley-Viera Newton

Ok so I was thinking the other day how captain bizarre-o  it is that as a kid I did not own a single Barbie doll.  Hey don't get me wrong, I would oo and ahh over the perfectly pristine, groomed and well-endowed toys in their packaging at the shops, but I was much happier playing with my troll dolls and funky My Little Pony I renamed Harley.  It left me wondering... if I didn't spend my childhood dressing my Malibu Barbie then where did my fashion obsession start?  

I found the answer to that question today when I discovered DJ/model/coolest fucking chick alive Harley-Viera Newton - it was there all along!  You see, I can see a mint condition Alexa Chung and think yeeeh that chick definitely has some serious style but it is the rough, raw, fun and edgy Harley-Viera Newton's of the world that inspire and get me hot under the collar!  She is obviously my super cool My Little Pony reincarnated...

Is anyone else picturing that lemur singing "I like to move it, move it"?


  1. hahaa, the madagascar lemur?! soo cute.
    and yes, total babe crush!

  2. #girlcrush i agree, she reminds me of Alexa Chung -- but kind of cooler ;-)

    great blog! now following..

    - mecca nuri.