Monday, January 31, 2011

Grey Sweater

So I decided that a grey cable knit sweater is 100% essential for my winter wardrobe - I wrote a list yesterday of the top 10... I shall share soon!  So anyway I have been looking everywhere trying to hunt down the perfect one and came to the realization that I am one picky biatch, even when it involves something as simple as a knit sweater.  I think I may have found a winner...

Acne you never fail me!  This does however pose a problem - no not because it is mens, I quite enjoy wearing the boys kit - it is from the Fall/Winter 11/12 collection so it isn't available till the end of the year.  And so the search continues!!


  1. nice blog ;)

  2. OK..I need that sweater on me right now..
    Looks so warm and confortable.
    lee x