Sunday, February 13, 2011

At home with Harley

So after recently publicly confessing my love for newest 'it' girl Harley Viera Newton, you can only imagine my excitement when I saw that she is the latest of the fashion elite to be targeted by The Coveteur. I think they were spot on with the description of Harley's closet as being a 'collection of jealousy inducing items' - I AM JEALOUS AS SH*T!  The mix of vintage and new age is nonpareil.  I will definately be on the hunt for some statement round shades and bold jewellery on the cheap when I hit Thailand (which is in 5 days yay!).

I will admit, Harley lost a few points with her confession that she is a cat person, but given my bizarre obsession for putting Vegemite on everything I eat recently, she regained these when I found out her kitty's name is Marmite - Legend!

and as for her fashion week essentials...

Everytime I lay by big eyes on a Celine totes a go a little shakey, I think this size and colour may be my favourite of the lot though.  Oh and those Illesteva 'Frieda' glasses - needed STAT!

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