Sunday, October 10, 2010

Olivia Palermo

I admit, while watching The City I do sometimes have the urge to jump through the TV and stomp on her perfectly manicured foot with a Louboutin-esque heel.  That being said...I have a massssive style crush on Olivia Palermo and wouldn't be opposed to being her!

Haven't given the cat eye sunglasses a try yet as it looks a little tricky, but after seeing Miss Palermo rocking the coveted Wunderkind shades in the pics below I just may!!


NB: Pictured in the last photograph is Caroline from Caronlinesmode...possibly one of my fave bloggers!!


  1. warning... if you get these i WILL steal them......

  2. Just discoverd your blog and love it! Now following you xx

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