Sunday, October 10, 2010

Krazy about Kershaw

annnnd she does it again!



  1. i want her wardrobe. boho, quirky, amazing! she throws things on and they just work.
    not sure i like her new hair thoughh :S

    great blog, i found your through aussie fashion bloggers!
    love the outfit posts.

  2. oh I are so right, she could make anything look amazing. Defs makes me proud to be an aussie!

    I like her new hair though I am not sure about the extensions in this photo. I think it gives her that eclectic look which she is pulling off so well, definitely sets her apart now!

    Just checked out your blog...another one to add to the list. Keep in touch babe!

    Loz x

  3. Her extensions look yuck!

  4. Yes she is truely a model we aussies can be proud of! her career has absolutely exploded and I am sure her amazing style has assisted on the way xxx i am following you - make sure you check out my blog and follow me xxx