Friday, October 8, 2010

Brisbane Domination: Ireney T

Since my first Brisbane Domination post (here!) you may be interested to know that the very talented Mr. Ringuet has launched his website and facebook store.  Funnily enough since that post I have run into Ben and his unmissable locks twice (one of which I was at the petrol station after a hectic gym session and looking like death, nice Loz nice...keep up the good work).  So maybe if the trend continues I will be seeing the stunning and talented Ireney Tobin in the near future...

When I was introduced to Ireney and her label Ireney T at a local fashion parade I admittedly wanted to grab the clothes rack and run down the street in my 6-inch Tristan Blair's with it wheeling behind.  For fear of breaking my ankle I resisted, though by the end of the night I had stalked Ireney on Facebook...on my iphone...while standing next to her...and requested that I pleeeeeeeeeeease get some of her beautiful sheer silk cropped cami's STAT.  Ireney uses the most beautiful silks and attention to detail to create collections which are made up of sexy yet feminine underwear and delicate yet edgy must-have statement pieces!  The skin tight lycra may have been a fashion faux pas but Superman may have been on to something...I would not judge if you wear your Ireney T on the would be a crime to cover up such beauty.

I believe Miss Tobin will have a website up and running soon at but I will keep you posted.  For now check out her collection on her facebook page or in store at The Drobe and The Tribune.

P.S.  I need the cape!

(all photo's obtained from the Ireney T facebook page)

Let me know what you think! 

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  1. i want that little floral set... cuuuute