Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Brisbane Domination: Benjamin Ringuet

Seriously, why did it take me so long to start Vogue Contradiction? It is actually hurting my brain trying to sort through the years of thoughts I have stored away since developing my love for the fashion world.  My brain probably resembles the dusty old library from The Beauty and the Beast (unfortunately I don't have a talking candelabra and tea pot to help out, rats!).  Anyway, while sorting through my thoughts I realised something.  In the last few years I have either met, encountered or worked with many talented up and coming Brisbane designers.  Sydney and Melbourne...watch out 'cause these kids are destined for world domination.  

So, welcome to Vogue Contradiction's first ever edition of Brisbane Domination  - a segment dedicated to the talented kids of Bris-vegas!  First up...BENJAMIN RINGUET.

I first met Ringuet back in 2005 when he used to serve me ice cream at my local Baskin's while I enviously slaved away next door at the Coffee Club.  A few short years later, while helping out a friend with a local fashion show, I found myself in an beautifully edgy yet feminine black silk dress designed by, you guessed it, Ben Ringuet!  Since that moment I have followed his every move and success.  Who would have guessed that the boy that once served me my standard Pralines + Cream with hot fudge sauce would one day be quenching my thirst for fashion rather than my (insatiable) sugar cravings.  

If you were lucky enough to head to MBFF you may have seen Ben's Redemption range stomping the runway.  If you missed it, it can now be found in Drobe in Brisbane's Fortitude Valley!  Here are some pic's of the range I grabbed from the Benjamin Ringuet blog...

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