Monday, September 13, 2010

Fashion & Functionality...pfft

So the other night I got into a little MMS war with long time friend and fellow blogger Mikayla from There is Wild Life Living in my Head.  While these wars usually consist of funny cat pictures from in moments of complete and utter boredom - this one was a little different.  I was seeking some advice as to which Jeffrey Campbell's I should purchase online (due to arrive this week, so stay tuned!) which eventuated into a good 30 minutes of trading pictures of our wedges fetish.  I sent a picture of my latest shoe addiction, London based Finsk, to which I received the reply "Crazy! How are u meant to walk in them, ha ha?" to which I responded "who cares...they are that hot I am sure I could get some babe to carry me"- quite logical I thought.  After you take a look at some of their latest creations I'm sure you will understand my self-reasoning...

Dear Santa...pleease can I have some?!

Just for your amusement Mikayla...

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