Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I went to a very strict high school where it was completely normal for your top button on your skirt to be spot checked to ensure it was fastened just under your boobs, your messy bun asked to be fixed into a tight pony tail and your shoes ordered to be re-laced so that they were actually tied up instead of having them fitted like you just rolled off the half-pipe.  For me, my shoes were a constant target ... my yellow stitched doc martens which were two sizes too big and were able to be slipped on and off like ugg boots were boss.  NO I WILL NOT DO THEM UP!  

I wish Dion Lee's latest lookbook for Line II was around back then because Imogene Barron's styling would have totally solved my problems with high school authority.  I am suddenly inspired to strip the laces from my boots and train myself to walk without being a public nuisance. 99 problems but laces ain't one! 

Oh and the new collection is ok too.

Images: Pedestrian TV.


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