Friday, April 8, 2011

Good Morning Weekend!

You know those weeks where you have about a billllion things to do...well that is what my next week is going to be like. Thanks uni, really appreciate it.  So instead of doing what would seem the sensible thing and use the weekend as a bit of a head start to get some work done, I am going to enjoy what I have of my weekend and do everything but be productive.  I started with a trip to the farmers markets this morning where I stocked up on fruit and vege, a rhubarb & pear cake to assist with my slight hangover tomorrow, fresh falafel and sooooo many rasberries.  I then grabbed a soy latte, got dressed in my Rachel Gilbert leather tee and sat down to crack the pages of the Elle Collections Guide to Spring Summer 2011 which I bought 2 days ago and have refused to open until I had some time to enjoy it.  

Nobody talk to me please.

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