Monday, February 21, 2011


Ok so you know how I said that I would avoid posting mass runway shots unless it was a matter of life or death? Welcome to a matter of life or death situation people! Acne Fall '11, jimminy jilickers! Minimalism has definatley made it's mark so far at fashion week but none have done it better than Acne. It started with double denim but now never again will one be able to use the phrase "too matchy matchy" as an adequate reason for a fashion crisis! Unless you are matching your corduroy suit to, well, anything! In which case I hope a leprechaun burns it while you are sleeping.

This silly iPad won't let me upload images so check out the best bits of the collection on Knight Cat here

And yes I am currently blogging from Bangkok while my mother is napping next to me. Shopping isn't a sport for the feint hearted!

Talk soon pretty people x

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