Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Flood Support

It seems that the blogging world has been doing all it can in the last month to tear me away from being the blogging nerd I strive to be. From Christmas to New Year, coupled with a crazy amount of work and no internet access, it seems like an eternity since I got to lose myself in cyber space.  Suddenly that is the least of my worries with the devastation which is literally lapping at my doorstep and tearing apart my beautiful city.  There has already been so much tragedy caused by the floods and it is absolutely heartbreaking knowing that all we can do is sit and wait for the worst.  My heart is with everyone in Queensland and I am so thankful that everyone I know and love are safe at the moment.  

On a lighter note - my uni is underwater! How...upsetting.  Oh and mummy is making me cocktails...not much else to do, bring on the mojito's!

One thing is for sure...I'm proud to be a QUEENSLANDER!!


  1. I feel for you :( I'm an Aussie (from near Melbourne) but I'm in the Uk at the moment and all this just makes me want to be home!