Monday, November 15, 2010

Colour Blind

I went to Noosa to visit my mum on the weekend and as I was lying outside looking at my beautiful Great Dane lazing in the sun next to me I couldn't help but think "it would be so good to be my dog."  Not only would I spend everyday in the most beautiful part of the world, ride around in the back of mum's convertible and get spaghetti every night for dinner without having to do the washing up, but I wouldn't be stuck with the stupid decision I am right now.  Which colour Arnsdorf Jersey Strap Skirt should I get from FrockShop on Thursday night for Grazia Up Late? 

Black, Mauve, Nude or Olive? Life would be easier if I was colour blind!!

I'm hopeless, help me!


  1. i do LOVE the khaki! that colour seems to be in at the moment!!! x

  2. You get one colour Loz and I'll get the other ;) I think nude and olive are the best!

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  4. I'm dying for anything olive green, so that one :)

  5. Jealousss!! Im thinkin the olive one since its a classic colour