Thursday, October 14, 2010

Style Steal: Bambi

Am I the only one who goes to sleep at night and wishes that she would wake up looking like Bambi?  This obsession may have stemmed from my childhood spent hiding a monstrous pair of eyebrows with and even more monstrous fringe (when they weren't fashionable)!  While I absolutely love them now, I have the urge to find all the little pretty girls that ever said "ew why are your eyebrows so big" and wave Miss Northwood-Blyth in their unfashionably thin-eyebrowed faces (wow i'm not bitter at all am I!).  Anyway back on track Loz.

Having just found this natural and stunning photo of Bambi I tracked down some white cotton dresses we can all rock through the hot summer to come - definitely a wardrobe essential in Oz.

1. Alice McCall 'The Streets of Loredo' dress
2. Ellery 'Dee A-Line jersey' dress
3. Magali Pascal 'Melati print' dress
4. Uscaro 'Strange Desire' dress
4. Shakuhachi 'Lace panelled sun dress'
5. Alice McCall 'Love me little, Love me long' dress
6. Marnie Skillings 'Lovely lace' dress
7. Strummer 'Opportunity' dress
8. Uscari 'Egyptian grace honeycomb' dress
9. Miss Unkon 'What's this magical' and 'her love story' dresses


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