Monday, October 25, 2010

They give me wings!

Before a violent facebook battle begins between my amazing but ridiculously competitive Red Bull girls over who is featured on Vogue Contradiction first, I would like to dedicate this post to the ENTIRE Queensland Wings Team, who are without a doubt the most crazy, fun and freaking SEXY chicks I have ever met!  You chicks are a bit of alright I guess...

While I am here, I was about to post a snap of Gillian Zinser as I absolutely fell in LOVE with her ripped boyfriend jeans (pictures of my Ksubi boyfriend shorts to come)...though I thought of you LJ and your smoking hot ripped jeans when this photo was taken so why not put them in the same post!!

I love that she has taken a simple white tee and ripped boyfriend jeans she could have been wearing all day at the beach and by putting them with a fur vest and chandelier earrings to look effortlessly glamourous! Such a babe.

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