Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dedication to K.A.T.E

Mr. Looney Tunes might as well have dropped an oversized anvil in my path that said Blog now Loz, NOW!  In the last 24hrs my seemingly boring day at uni has been brightened up by the name Kate not once, not twice but FOUR times!

1.  My best friend, facebook wife, partner in crime and light of my life called me at 7am from London to have a chat while she walked home from a night on the town.  Love you Kate you big mole!
2.  I fell in love with this photo of a Great Dane (I think Kate Moss is meant to be the focal point, fail!) which reminded me of how much I miss my puppy...

3.  Vogue Contradiction's Facebook Page welcomed it's 100th fan...Kate Elliott!!

4.  I have spent the most part of the last hour on the Mr. Kate blog and shop TRYING to cut down my hectic wish list.  This chick is out of this world!  Just discovered her blog which is problematic as I now am craving Coconut Bliss vegan coconut ice cream and awaiting her vegan shoe line!  Hurry up pay day!  


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