Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I Love Pamela!

When I come across a jewellery designer using aged silver, bird tallons, raw crystals or medieval motif I instantly go weak in the knees.  Such creative geniuses include Maniamania, Billy Bride, Low Luv, Anndra Neen andddddddd PAMELA LOVE!  Whilst they all usually occupy an equal portion of my heart (which I am for some reason currently picturing as a pie chart, thanks high school maths!), Pamela Love just became my favourite child.  "Why?" you may ask...check out the following pics from her Pop-up store event at Browns Focus.  See if you can spot the jewellery strewn through a selection of Pamela's personal relics and amazing vintage pieces - this is what my dream world looks like...


For those Brisbane-ites with the same obsession, Pamela Love can be found in Fallow in Fortitude Valley!!

p.s. I am suddenly inspired to make myself a personalized dreamcatcher...stay tuned

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  1. ohhhhh zsa zsa zsu one to your blog and two to both pairs of boots in this post. absolutely divine!

    thanks for your lovely comment on wolfcub!

    love WC xx