Saturday, September 25, 2010

NZFW: Nicole Miller

I didn't think it was possible, but since following the progress of NZFW I think I may be falling more in love with New Zealand designers.  One such design genius who has contributed to this dangerous obsession is Nicole Miller.  Most of you will undoubtedly have seen the photos floating around of model Hanne rocking a camel leather harness at Alexander Wang's show in NYC (refresh your memory here).  I expected that this would prompt the rise of a army of harness clad fashionistas in the blogisphere, though it seems that Nicole Miller already had the harness-esque trend in mind when creating her new collection.  Once again, I am in love...



  1. Loz when I saw these photos I was like - aghhh harness love! Then I actually read what you wrote haha... great minds think alike. But seriously the harness trend is really growing on me at a scary rate...
    Thanks for the linky, love you xxxx
    P.S Why aren't you doing journalism?!!!!!!!

  2. haha I know...I am seriously considering a sneaky purchase.

    nom nom nom Harness.