Thursday, September 16, 2010

Happy Park(ing) Day Brisbane!

Between the hours of 6 & 10 this morning a series of unfortunate events left me cold, tired and quite frankly pretty eff-ing angry at the world.  At 10am I found myself unexpectedly walking home down Oxford St, in my gym gear (which did not include a jumper), with my anticipated fun Friday plans blowing away in the FREEZING wind.  I then saw something that completely turned by day around.  Right in front of me there were colourful picnic blankets and beanbags strewn over the side of the road which is usually street parking.  Instantly inspired, I walked over with a big smile on my face to see what was going on.  My new best friends Ronnie and Rod told me that it was PARK(ing) Day in Brisbane, a day where the community takes back part of the roads for the simpler things in life.  


We got chatting about carbon pollution, oil prices and low-rider bikes, and I was left completely inspired.  A 180 degree kick-flip from my previous mental state - I feel that if I said 'turn around' that would imply me driving...totally not as environmentally friendly as my skateboard analogy.  

Here is a couple of quick snaps I took...
Check out the Brisbane PARK(ing) Day blog here!

Because of my new friendship (and the fact that I never made it to the gym grrrrrr), this blogger is boycotting all future use of the lift in her complex and using the CityCat as much as possible!  TAKE THAT GLOBAL WARMING!

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