Sunday, September 19, 2010

If you haven't met my mum before she is a pretty fashionable, fun, Pina Colada loving, shopoholic, and all round mad chick.  She has always gone above and beyond to make sure that she is 'the cool mum' and that I am the best dressed kid around.  There is one moment though that made me seeeeeriously doubt her judgment - when she bought me the backpack instead of the side bag for my first day of highschool.  To put this in perspective, out of 250 girls in my grade I am pretty sure I was one of about 20 that had to lug around such a monstrosity.  I saved up my pennies for monnnnths and finally bought myself a side bag - probably the first item I ever saved for.  In a strange turn of events, nearly ten years later and I am saving to buy myself the very thing I sought to destroy!  LOZ NEEDS A BACKPACK STAT!  While they are unfortunately not made out of the same royal blue canvas with posture are the three on my wishlist!

1. Alexander Wang - Sydney Velvet Backback
2. Gucci - Darwin Backback (oldie but a goodie!)
3. Deadly Ponies - Mr. Backpack

Love you mumma!

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